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AUTO TARGET ® Do It Yourself system

Do It Yourself shooting target range consisting of :
AUTO TARGET ® electronic controller ready to connect
mainunit - final support - target carrier - rails
selfmake set and selfmounting (see below)

For example: 1 shooting lane of 50m

102 m rails, model 21600, zincplated 50 x 25 x 2 mm,
17 length of 6m,
20 pc Connecting piece, model 25240, 130 x 150 x 2 mm
16 pc Connecting piece,model 24609, 130 x 75 x 2 mm
4 pc Railstops

1 pc Mountingsheet to motor, controller and measuringwheel
1 pc Target carrier of aluminiumsheet 2 mm, bended
4 pc Rollers, model 25965, 46 ø synthetic.incl. ball bearings.
4 set Connecting piece, for rollers
2 pc Target bearer bended steel with M8 thread
2 pc Connecting piece, M8 incl connecters
104 m Technical plastic rope 3mm
1 pc Final support, 6 mm projectile catcher
1 pc Capciron cable sheave 19x140 mm ø incl. 2 ball-bearings
1 pc Supporting wheel to cable, steelplate 75 mm ø, incl. fastener.

MAINUNIT ( standard model )

Mainunit / mountingsheet is fastened at the start
above / behind the shooter including all electric
parts of the target controler system. Measuring 550 x 350 x 20 mm, (w x d x h), bended
steelplate 4 mm, total heigth 185 mm.
Work: mounting the parts and painting,
fasten at the ceiling with 4-6 bolts. Also fastened at the mountingsheet are:
Frequency controller, ready to connect
work: fasten with 4 bolts. Electromotor including 46mm ø pulley, ready to connect
work: fasten with 4 bolts. Electronic distance measuring, ready to connect,
work: fasten with 2 bolts.


Made of aluminiumsheet and constructed like a
bended open box that stands for high stability and
that keeps its shape for a long time.
Measurement 400 x 370 x 2 mm, 4 synthetic rollers with ball-bearings 6202 and
1 cable fastener
work: mounting the parts,
fasten 4 connecting pieces, rollers and the cable fastener.

FINAL SUPPORT ( standard model )

At the end of the rails the final support is fastened at
the backwall / ceiling or projectile catcher (option). Standard model consists of :
2 angle profiles 4 mm steel,
2 strengthen profiles 6 mm steel,
1 big capciron cable sheave 140 mm ø with
2 ball-bearings 6200 and a
special bolt to adjust the sheave. Projectile catcher, angle profile 150 x 60 x 6 mm steel.
Work: painting, fasten with 4 bolts.

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