Mechanics of AUTO TARGET ® Target shooting range system

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Mechanics of AUTO TARGET ® Target shooting range


This target system on 2 rails has, opposite to the monorail-system, substantial advantages.

Upward to the center, the main fire-line, miss-shots can not damage the system.

The generous gauge of 42 cm provides the target carrier a stable horizontal position.

The return-button allows the shooter to bring back the target carrier.

The construction of the aluminium target carrier is rised to a great lot of hits.

In case of miss-shots the ball-bearingrollers are easy and fast to replace.

Mainunit (standard version)

The standard type of this target range is suitable for straight ceilings with heights from 220cm to 280cm.

With ceilings higher than 300cm the card holders should be stabilized.

The construction of this system is adaptable and permits individual local conditions .

Usally small adjustments cause no additional costs.

Target carrier


The target carrier moves fast and supple on four nylon rolls on ball bearings.

The particular formed card support ensure, also with high speed, optimal running qualities.

All targets become fastened on a base card like hard fiberboard.
This type of attechment prevents air turbulences during transport.

After the system is installed the correct length of the card supports becomes measured.

Measuring is done in both running directions.

For standing and lying shooters more solutions are possible such as: using a folding bed,longer base cards, exchange of card holders.

Practicable examples

Installation of target ranges with special, saw shaped ceilings for sound isolation.


Often light systems are attached behind this kind of sound isolation.
Also diagonally attached steel screens (angle 30º-40º), covered with wood,
are used to protect the lights against miss-shots.

. Target range installed at steel beams are used in case existing ceilings are not prosperous for further constructions, or any other reason.


At a target range with low ceilings the drawing cable can also be lead horizontal
In this case the motor of the mainunit becomes accommondated at an other place.
Often the shooter station is sufficient to accommodate possibilities for the motor.

This target range will be fastened between the walls in front and behind the shooter.
This is a possibility if at the shooting range are no assessable ceilings but suitable walls.


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