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Marylebone Pistol and Rifle club





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Marylebone Pistol and Rifle club

Promoting shooting sports in the heart of the City of London and at Bisley.

Marylebone Pistol and Rifle club is proud of our diverse membership of people from all ages and backgrounds. We often hold competitions on and off site or just enjoy the social atmosphere of the club room. 

Our modern facilities are just a few years old and boasts both a 10 metre air rifle and 25 metre range for smallbore and fullbore calibre up to the range safety certificate. Recently installed was a new target retrieval system.

Just a short walk from London Bridge or Monument underground stations, the club is a perfect way to relax after a hard day in the office.


The Stock Exchange Rifle Club

is located in the City of London. While the origins of the club were once linked to the Stock Exchange, membership is open to all and the current membership is drawn from all walks of life. The majority either tend to live or work near central London and the "square mile". The Club was one of the first formed in the United Kingdom in the aftermath of the Boer War to meet the need to recruit soldiers who could already shoot. It is a Registered Charity
The City range of the club is located under
London Bridge and all City-based shooting is done there.


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Manufacterer of Industrial electronics founded in 1976 and manufacterer of shooting sports installations since 1989.
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