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The Auto Turning Target Mechanic






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AUTO TARGET® Auto Turning Target installation Type INDELTEC



Installatiion is built up of:-
Main unit, motor and controller including 1 turning point.

Several main units are available:
suitable for max. 6 turning points,
max. 8 turning points or double installations with 10 or more. Number of turning points 5 or free numbers

Turning point with heavy duty ball bearings Target holder of aluminium on steel spindels 25 mm Ø

Target of polystyren (wood on demand)
Target size: 125 x 60 x 4 cm
Distance target to target: variable, minimum 75 cm
Amount of targets: variable or 5-or Electronic programmer, type AUTO DUEL, free programmable

This modular installation
-is built up out of the following parts, main unit plus the requiered number of turning targets
including targets. Several units can be coupled. Main unit and turning points
-of the AUTO TURNING TARGET are available in:
- 2 mm steel sheet, painted in blue, or
- 2 mm stainless steel, (main parts) The main unit and each turning point
is fastened with clamps on a pair of connecting-tubes.

Each turning point can be shifted in position along the tubes.
Distance to the next target is variable or 75 cm; our system provides individual choice of width.
Heavy duty ball bearings easily turns all targets together, moved by a shift-tube of 22-25 mm ø.
The main unit is based on 4 feet and additional 2 feet at the end.
Optional: the installation can be mounted at the ceiling.
The width of the installation is free to choose.

Room between targets is free to choose, standard UIT trainings distance is 75 cm and 5 targets, total width min. 3.50 m. Heavy duty ball bearings
-drive the targets by pushing / drawing an aluminium tube of 22-25mm Ø
and garantee an smooth and easy going function. The main unit
-is to be fastened with 4 feet on the ground and 2 feet at both tube-ends.
This installation also works hanging at the ceiling. Motor relay controller:
-220 Volt, incl. 24 Volt power supply for the elektronic programmer Auto Duel.
Input power: 220 Volt, electro brake motor: 3000 Rpm, 1100 W or 1300 W

1x INDELTEC Typ TT 6 12 Volt DC

NITSA - the Northern Ireland Target Sports Association

2x INDELTEC Typ TT 6 an 10 target lane Germany

2x INDELTEC Typ TT 6 an 10 target lane

SSV-Veghel scherpschutters veghel The Netherlands

1x INDELTEC Typ TT 8 an 8 target lane

Parchimer Schützengilde 1410 e.V. Parchim Germany

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